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Become a client

I'm so excited that you are here and can't wait to get your skin journey started. I try my best to make this process as easy and simple as can be for new clients.

My goal for every client is to help you achieve healthy, glowing skin and to feel beautiful, confident, comfortable in your own skin, with or without makeup.

Results are best achieved through consistency and commitment. 

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New clients are highly encouraged to schedule a consultation before scheduling a treatment.
This allows me, your esthetician, to get a better understanding of what your skin concerns are, going forward with a treatment plan, and build you a professional home care regimen for optimal results.


I do require new clients to schedule a consultation for DMK enzyme therapy. These advanced skin revision treatments require multiple sessions and a professional home care regimen in order to achieve best results.

I offer a couple different options for consultations:

In-Studio Consultation 

This is the ideal starter appointment. This is a 30-45 minute consultation.  Together we will discuss your skin care concerns, get you started on the perfect at home regimen to support you on your skin journey, and design your treatment plan. 

In-Studio Consultation+Treatment

This is a consultation and treatment all in one appointment.  In this consultation we will discuss your skin needs/concerns and then form a treatment plan as well as a full home care regimen. I will then perform a treatment based on your skin concerns.  

Virtual Consultation

If you're not located in OKC but would like to do a FaceTime virtual consultation this is for you! I will go over an in-depth consultation form with you and we will discuss your skins history, current regimen and what your skin goals are. I will talk about lifestyle factors that can play a part in your over all skin health. After our virtual conversation, I will customize a home care regimen for you. $50 goes towards purchase of recommended home care regimen. 

Please be mindful that the skin is a very complex organ and depending on which concern we are treating it can take months for it to be managed. Healthy skin doesn't happen overnight and is a commitment. ​

When you book a skincare consult with me, you'll receive 10% off the home care recommended products purchased!



Do I need to schedule a consultation?
I do require new clients to schedule a consultation for enzyme therapy and advanced treatments. These advanced treatments require multiple sessions and/or a professional home care regimen in order to achieve best results. 

I already have a professional home care regimen, do I still have to schedule a consultation?
Even if you are on a professional home care regimen, I still require new clients who are wanting to begin enzyme therapy and advanced treatments to schedule a consultation with me beforehand to ensure you are on the correct professional home care products for your skin types and concerns.

How much will professional home care cost me?
I try my absolute best to work within my clients budget, but I recommend budgeting a minimum of $300 for your initial home care purchase.

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Let’s prepare for your first treatment

 To avoid possible skin reactions and have the best experience I ask that you follow the recommendations below:

1. Discontinue use of prescription Retinoids 5-7 days before your appointment.

These include Tretinoin, Tazoratene, Adapalene, etc. This is important for the safety of your skin. If your skin barrier is compromised this may limit certain techniques or services. 

2. Discontinue exfoliating products at least 3 days prior.

These include clay masques, harsh products, AHA/BHA, Scrubs, Peel Pads, etc. This helps ensure your skin is not over exfoliated during the treatment. 

3. If you have to reschedule, try to do so at least 1 week in advance.

Cancelling or rescheduling your appointment must be done 48 hours BEFORE your appointment time. Otherwise 50 percent of your service may be charged to the card on file. If your card declines, you cannot book again until the service charge is paid.

4. Arrive on time.

Plan accordingly and allow for extra time for traffic depending on the time of your appointment. I understand that situations do arise, please notify me as soon as possible if you are running late.

First Treatment
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