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The most amazing facial I’ve ever received. It was so relaxing and thorough. She took her time and the attention to every detail is nothing like I’ve ever experienced. I can’t wait to go back! And my skin is

G L O W I N G!✨

One of the BEST facials I’ve ever had. Ali is so attentive and in depth with her technic! I can tell she’s really passionate about her craft. Will definitely be booking with her again.

I have had 2 Enzyme Facials with Ali and both times I leave feeling absolutely glowing and my face feels rejuvenated. I have gotten multiple compliments after each facial. I have LOVED both experiences and the second one being at her home studio which was absolutely STUNNING. Ali has put a lot of work in to always make every experience memorable and it definitely is. I am super appreciative for how incredible she makes me feel and look. Thank you, thank you, thank you Ali!!!

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Even though I have had many of the services Ali offers, I had not had a spa facial in over 3 years & had forgotten how wonderful it is. Her studio is top notch & beautiful, her products are top of the line & Ali is so professional. Not only was it the most relaxing time, but Ali was able to bring to my attention something I have been wondering about for awhile. Her attention to detail is incredible & I will definitely be going back. Highly recommend. 🧖‍♀️

WOW! What an experience!!! I can’t thank Ali enough for the enzyme facial treatment my precious daughter got for me. It felt so AMAZING! It was absolutely remarkable!!! My skin felt rejuvenated, hydrated, tightened, firmer, nourished, refreshed and glowy. I had some scratch areas and some other issues (that I don’t normally have) and I really believe they were gone before I got home. Lines were gone! The area arounds my eyes were so much better! Thank you for always making me feel so at ease and relaxed. Several days later, I had an appointment with a doctor who made the comment that my skin was looking really nice! (I have seen this doctor many times before and have never been told this.) If you want beautiful skin, definitely see sweet Ali! She is very knowledgeable and just AMAZING! Again, thank you Ali.

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Hands down the best experience I have ever had getting a facial!! Ali offered me a free Spa Facial for volunteering to help her with something and afterward I couldn't help but pay her anyways because it was THAT GOOD!!! Ali truly goes above and beyond to make you feel special, comfortable and relaxed during her treatments. I highly recommend the Spa Facial if you're looking to relax and give your face a little treat. I can't wait to try the other awesome treatments she offers because I know they are going to be amazing. Thanks again, Ali!

I loved everything about this facial buccal massage. I have jaw issues so I needed this. Ali is amazing and so nice. It was a great experience. I even got my mom a gift card for Christmas so she could try one as well. 10 out of 10 would recommended and I will be going back after the holidays.

Routine facials with Ali have improved my skin so much. Her spa facials are so relaxing and I love how she adds so many unique details to enhance the experience. Her music playlists alone are worth booking a facial! I have started to use several products from the DMK line and I appreciate how Ali will tell you exactly what you need. She is not trying to sell you products or treatments that you don’t need. Thanks Ali!

One of the VERY best facials that I've ever had!!! More relaxing than a massage w/the skin rejuvenating benefits!!! I even purchased a package for my mother before I left!!! VERY impressed & can't wait to return!

I have done several Spa facials and love them! So relaxing. I did a DMK Enzyme treatment today and it was just as wonderful! My skin glows! Ali gives the best facials.

I had an amazing experience with Ali! The spa facial treatment was incredibly relaxing and left my skin looking and feeling rejuvenated. Ali provided a very welcoming space and I had the best time learning from her! I can’t wait for future treatments and to share her services with all of my friends.

I have received many of the different facials that Ali offers and I have never once been disappointed!!! From the relaxing spa facials to the chemical peels my skin has never looked or felt better! Ali is very knowledgeable and always has great recommendations!

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