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Clean Skin Club Clean Wipes are the acne-safe, fragrance-free makeup cleansing wipes you have been waiting for. These safely remove eye-makeup and waterproof makeup!


  • The Clean Wipes are not your average cleansing facial wipe. They're nearly double the size of conventional face wipes, twice as thick, and made with 100% biodegradable viscose fabric. Unlike other brands, these face wipes are gentle on even the most sensitive skin types and do not cause any irritation, burning, or stinging. Made with a simple ingredients list, these wipes are free of all harsh additives and use all natural ingredients that are 100% safe for the skin, even on toddlers and babies.


    - Gently and effectively removes makeup.
    - Allows you to cleanse on-the-go.
    - 40% bigger and 50% thicker than conventional wipes.
    - Fragrance free, hypoallergenic, and pH balanced.
    - Has a smooth and exfoliating side.
    - Safe for children, babies and even pets. 

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