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What's Inside 7E MyoLift™ Mini Kit


  • MyoLift™ Mini Device 
  • Eye Mask
  • Lip Mask 
  • Forehead Mask
  • Jowl Mask
  • Splitter Cables
  • 4oz Restore Gel
  • Lead Wire
  • Charger
  • Applicator Probes

MyoLift™ Mini Home Care Kit

  • The 7E MyoLift™ Mini Microcurrent Facial Device is an FDA-Cleared, non-invasive, portable facial toning device intended for professional and home use. Battery-operated, it delivers low-level electrical microcurrent impulses to the muscles in the face and neck. Microcurrent facial toning re-educates the facial muscles and restores them back almost to a healthier state. Overly tightened muscles relax, and under-worked muscles regain their strength.


    The unique double-tipped probe applicators, designed for optimal contact with faces of all shapes and sizes, emits a gentle electrical current which continually alternates between the positive and negative spheres. The MyoLift™ Mini allows you to adjust the current output from 175µA to 400µA based on comfort control. The pre-calibrated MyoLift™ Mini Treatment offers a 2-step system to lift, firm and tone facial muscles while improving circulation, texture and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

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